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What is UHMWPE Pipe

UHMWPE pipe  is an optimal pipe, can be extensively utilized in mining pipe(ore powder, pule,UHMWPE Conveyor Pipetailings release pipes) metallurgy pipe, electricity pipe, petroleum pipe, textile pipe, papermaking pipe, food pipe, chemical pipe, mechanical pipe, electrical pipe as well as other sectors.

Characteristics of UHMWPE Pipes

Abrasion resistance-- UHMWPE pipelines have superb abrasion resistance offering lengthy life in rough slurry applications.

Chemical resistance-- outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemical reagents allows the use of UHMWPE systems in tailings pipes as well as chemical therapy applications utilized in mining operations.

Flexibility-- UHMWPE pipelines can be bent to a minimum of 30 times the pipeline's outside diameter for HDPE. This adaptability and also resiliency enables the pipe to soak upsurge pressures, vibration, and anxieties caused by soil activity. This makes the pipes specifically helpful in submarine pipelines, mine decrease and also earthquake vulnerable areas.

High circulation capability-- low rubbing compared with products such as fibre reinforced concrete as well as resistance to the material down payment buildup give UHMWPE pipes long-lived high circulation capability.

Application of UHMWPE pipeline:

UHMWPE pipelines are commonly made use of in the markets of dredging, mining, metallurgy, electric power, oil, fabric, paper, food, chemical, technicians, gas, tunneling ect.

UHMWPE pipeline for Dredging Applications

UHMWPE pipeline for mine tailings as well as slurry in the mining industry

UHMWPE pipeline for digging up mud and sand

UHMWPE pipeline for thermal power system coal ash transport

UHMWPE pipeline destructive particles and fluids

UHMWPE pipeline transport crushed coal as well as coal-water slurry

UHMWPE pipeline for food transportation