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Floating Buoy

BUOY is a floating marker that indicates the presence of underwater hazards, channels, or places for tying up boats. When Floating Buoy is a verb, it can mean to float like a buoy, literally or figuratively. ... Imagine seeing water buoy up an enormous swan, or the wind buoy up a kite.

the Types of Floating Buoys

Pillar Buoys: Pillar Buoys are typically the largest of all floating buoys and will sometimes have a lighted top. These types of buoys tend to be narrower than Can and Nun buoys.

Spar Buoys: Spar Buoys are common on smaller waterways. They have a cylinder shape and are typically smaller than Light Buoys

the Point of a Buoy

A buoy is a type of an object that floats in water and is used in the middle of the seas as locators or as warning points for the ships. Buoys are generally bright (fluorescent) in colour. Mooring buoys are a type of buoy, to which, ships can be moored in the deep oceanic areas.