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UHMWPE Mooring Buoy

Attributes of UHMWPE Pipe

Mooring Buoy is used to moor or fix vessels, with accessories of bridle chain, short chain, half chain, long chain as well as connection shackles, end shackles, swivel shackles.

UHMWPE mooring buoy advantages:

Maintenance free:

The color of the floating body is material's color without painting(The color is moulded in, so the floating body needs no painting); the UHMWPE floating body and tail pipe is not easy to adhere to water growth, which minimize the costs for cleaning.

b. Collision Resistance:
The floating body with great resilience, stretch resistance, and inside with scientific physical structure, thus it could absorb the collision force, when it was impacted, it can rebound immediately without deformation.

c. Longer service life:
The floating body and tail pipe material is UHMWPE and scientific formulations, with higher chemical stability and corrosive resistance, thus it could keep mechanical properties without aging for at least 20 years. Also it has passed the 200h Xenon lamp aging test without fading and aging.

d. Environment Friendly:
The main material of UHMWPE buoy is UHMWPE, which is non-toxic and tasteless, has no pollution to the environment during the manufacturing process and operation process.

Key Application of UHMWPE Pipe