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UHMWPE Mining Pipe

Attributes of UHMWPE Pipe

UHMWPE Mining pipe Benefits:

1. High Wear Resistant

Compare with existing plastic pipes, Wear resistant UNMWPE pipe has the most excellent wear resistance which is 4 to 7 times that of Q235 steel pipe and 2.7 times that of wear-resistant steel 16Mn. Therefore it increases pipe flow rate and improves the transmission efficiency of more than 20%. The working life of UHMWPE pipes is more than 3 times that of wear-resistant steel pipe. Wear resistant UHMWPE pipe has great advantages to replace traditional metal pipes in delivering abrasive media.

2. Impact Resistant

Wear resistant UHMWPE pipe is greatly impact resistant which is 5 times that of HDPE pipe, 2 times that of PC pipe and 10 times that of PTFE pipes.With extraordinary impact resistance,UHMWPE pipe can withstand great water hammer impact when starting up pump station.

3. Low Energy Consumption

Wear resistant UHMWPE pipe is self-lubrication and non-adhesive. Its coefficient of friction resistance is 0.009 while that of steel pipe is 0.013. With the same diameter, flow rate of UHMWPE pipe is larger than steel pipe, and with the same flow rate, UHMWPE pipe can save 25% energy.

4. Non-scaling

With roughness of 0.00022 and smooth pipe inner wall, it can efficiently avoid scaling without acid cleaning, which save a lot of maintenance cost.

5. High Flexibility

With high toughness and elongation of no less than 350%, the UHMWPE pipe and the connection site will not crack when crust settling which maximally ensures to supply water normally.

UHMWPE Raw Material Properties

PropertyRaw Material Values Only
Raw MaterialUHMWPE
Density (kg/m3)≥ 930
Water Absorption 24hrs(%)<0.01
Tensile strength at Break (Mpa)≥ 29
Elongation at Break(%)≥ 300
Impact strength(KJ/㎡)≥ 150
Wear Loss (Factory test)< 28%
Coefficient of Friction (unplaned)0.009
Shore Hardness( R)65-70
Coefficient of Linear Expansion(10-4)1.5
Heat Deflection Temp at 0.45 Mpa(℃)≥ 50
Surface Resistivity(Ohm)1109Ω

Advantage of UHMWPE mining pipe in mining and metallurgy:

Coke, mining powder, pulp and slag from mining and metallurgy is quite abrasive to pipelines. Traditional steel pipe can only use for 6 or 12 months for transmission of above media and need to turn 90 degrees every half year. Meantime, UHMWPE pipe has extraordinary wear resistance which greatly reduces damage of pipes from abrasion and its working life is more than 4 times that of traditional steel pipe. With good impact resistance and high flexibility, UHMWPE pipe can withstand impact from external force and diastrophism. Wear resistant UHMWPE pipe is better alternative as transmission pipe for mining and metallurgy.

Specifications of UHMWPE mining pipe:

0.6Mpa0.8 Mpa1.0 Mpa1.25 Mpa1.6 Mpa2.0 Mpa

Custom sizes available, where moulds already exist from 20-1400mm OD, up to 65 WT. Product can be manufactured in any colour, and to all conformance requirements.

UHMW Polystone:

Reduced coefficient of friction

Exceptional abrasion resistance

High-impact strength (will certainly not damage or ruin).

Chemical resistance.

FDA and also USDA accepted.

Broad temperature level variety (-450 ° to + 180 ° F

). Little or no moisture absorption.

Noise resistance.

Easy to device.

UHMW Polyethylene stands for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene which has outstanding abrasion and also influence resistance. It will certainly last longer than steel, nylons and also other engineering plastics under continuous wear applications. Usual uses include marine dock building, bed linings as well as fenders for autos and components for broadband equipment. UHMW Polyethylene is offered in virgin and also recycled; virgin UHMW polyethylene is FDA certified and can be utilized in food applications while recycled UHMW polyethylene is not FDA certified and typically utilized in industrial setups. Call Acme Plastics for more information regarding UHMW Tubes.

Key Application of UHMWPE Pipe

- Gears.

- Springs.

- Plates.

- Bushings.

- Real estates.

- Industrial: conveyor guide rails, belt scrapers, chain guides, suspension wear plates, cyclist plates, idler rollers, guide shoes, use strips as well as footwear.

- Machined Components: gears, wheels, bearings, part, pinion gears, flanged rollers.

- Food Processing: plastics food containers, conveyor belt parts, various other at home kitchen appliances.


- Shipping, managing, and also storage market.

- Ranch machinery market.

- Packaging machinery industry.

- Aeration, chemical, as well as organic treatment sector.

- Forestry sector.

- Coal shipping, storage space machinery, mining, as well as preparation.