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UHMWPE Conveyor Roller Sleeve

Attributes of UHMWPE Pipe

UHMWPE Roller Benefits: 

1. Abrasion resistance and long life 
The shell is made from UHMWPE which has abrasion resistance 10 times that of HDPE and 7 times that of steel. UHMWPE rollers have been subjected to continuous abrasion in very extreme quarrying, coastal and industrial applications.

2. Impact resistance and Impact energy absorbing 
UHMWPE has the highest impact strength of any engineering plastics, about three times which of nylon, five times that of ABS, withstands repeated impaction, even at -196 it is tough, together with its superior abrasion and corrosion resistance. UHMW-PE has made itself ideally suited for industrial applications in complicate and rough environments. 

3. Effective sealing system 
The labyrinth seal prevents most of the dust from getting into the bearing house, and no water could leak in.
The narrow clearance between bearing shell and shaft forms the second sealing, the bearing shell are made of UHMWPE which has a very low surface energy and are anti-adhesion, so it is repulsive to dust and water. It is quite difficult for dust to get through the narrow channel.

4. Light weight and energy saving 
UHMWPE rollers are only one third less in weight than steel roller, they are even lighter than HDPE roller, since they have superior strength. Light weight and low friction result in considerable energy saving.

5. Reduced belt damage 
UHMWPE pipe is self-lubricant, and prevent the adhesion of any transfer material, so no damage was caused to conveyor belt, even in case of roller be stopped.

6. Noise reduction 
UHMWPE is a much better noise debase material than HDPE, UHMWPE rollers generate much less noise than conventional steel roller, they are environmentally friendly.

7. Corrosion resistance 
UHMWPE roller can withstand humidity, corrosive chemicals, acids, salt and alkali.

8. No sticking 
UHMWPE could stick any material, so no conveyor material will be stacked to roller surface.

Comparison Between UHMWPE and Steel Rollers

PropertiesUHMWPE RollerSteel Roller
Chemical resistance(strong acid/alkali)GoodBad
ToughnessNo BreakageNo Breakage
Sticking&CakingNo StickingSticking
Friction CoefficientLow(0.1-0.12)High(0.68-0.80)
Belt damageNo belt damageBelt easy to be damaged
Power consumption0.85-0.91
Water AbsorptionLowLow
Impact resistanceGoodGood
Service life3-5 years1-2 years

Key Application of UHMWPE Pipe