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How to Properly and Rationally Use the Design Indexes of UHMWPE Pipe in Different Industries?

Pulished on May. 14, 2020

As a UHMWPE Pipe Manufacturers, share with you. The design index of UHMWPE Pipe is related to whether the pipeline system can operate normally after being put into use, whether it can meet the needs of the enterprise's normal production, whether it can save the company's cost and human resources to the greatest extent, and whether it is safe and reliable, so the design process is crucial. For manufacturers, not only the requirements required for practical application but also the technological requirements and indicators required during production must be considered during design.

UHMWPE Slurry Pipe

UHMWPE Slurry Pipe

First, the process requirements are the most basic prerequisites for the design of wear-resistant pipes. Be sure to refer to the corresponding flow chart of the wear-resistant pipes. Process engineers use various drawings to express the interrelationships of unit operations in chemical plants and its process concepts to determine pressure and wear resistance of wear-resistant pipes.

Second, the safety during production, the safety of wear-resistant pipes is shown in the following points:

1. When designing, make a correct evaluation of possible safety problems, give full consideration to the layout of wear-resistant piping and piping equipment, and reduce the probability of accidents.

2. The operation and operation risk is small, and the safety factor is large, so that no major accidents will occur due to failure.

3. The operation is stable, there are no or few phenomena such as bubbling, dripping, and leakage, which will not cause the device to stop for short production cycles or frequent stops.

3. Economic efficiency refers to the comprehensive index of one-time investment cost and later operation and maintenance cost of wear-resistant pipes. In general, if the investment cost is high, the reliability is good, and the operation and maintenance costs are low; vice versa. In the design, we must strive to achieve the same strength and life of each component in the pipeline system. If you can choose a wear-resistant pipeline with low investment cost and low maintenance and replacement costs, you can achieve the purpose of high quality and low price. The pipeline is both durable and economical.

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