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What are the Advantages of UHMWPE Pipe sand Discharge Wear-Resistant Pipe?

Pulished on May. 08, 2020

As a UHMWPE Pipe Manufacturers, share with you. The dredging pumping pipe is used to transport silt, mud, soil, etc. in the projects of river clearing, dredging, pumping, dredging of waterways, etc., to transport the sediment to a designated place, and it can also be flexibly carried out according to the actual situation What are the advantages of ultra-high molecular polyethylene dredging, sand pumping and sand abrasion resistant pipelines when combined or placed in different positions?

UHMWPE Mining Pipe

UHMWPE Mining Pipe

1. The weight of the ultra-high molecular polyethylene wear-resistant pipeline is only one-eighth of the steel pipe. The flange connection is used at the pipeline connection. It is easy to install, disassemble and transport, shorten the start-up time and improve work efficiency.

2. Ultra-high molecular polyethylene wear-resistant pipes have good flexibility and good elasticity, and the pipe wall is not broken in half; the pipes are directly connected to each other, can be bent in water, and have good anti-wind and wave effects. The area within the range of 30 degrees can be directly connected without the need to repair the ground.

Third, the ultra-high molecular polyethylene wear-resistant pipe has excellent wear resistance, long service life, and the pipe material is anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging.

4. Ultra-high molecular polyethylene wear-resistant pipes can be customized according to actual requirements; each pipe has movable metal flanges at both ends, and the pipes are directly connected with bolts; the pipe mouth is lined with steel rings to avoid dredging and sand pumping pipes Because of the long-term installation and disassembly of the nozzle, the deformation, breakage, and dripping of the pipeline will ensure that the transmission efficiency is relatively high.

5. The inner and outer walls of the ultra-high molecular polyethylene wear-resistant pipe is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, and the transmission efficiency is 20-30% higher than that of the steel pipe. Whether it is on land or in water, it can be used for a long time, with low cost and more environmental protection.

Different types of UHMWPE Pipe have their own product characteristics, and the scope of use is also different. When customers choose wear-resistant pipes, they should be customized according to their working conditions and technical requirements. Some only need to be abrasion-resistant, some are also resistant to corrosion, and some need to be resistant to high or low temperatures. Choose your own wear-resistant pipe to make the pipe last longer, and the media will also be effective better.

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