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How to Properly Extend the Service Life of UHMWPE Pipes?

Pulished on Nov. 04, 2020

As an Industrial Conveyor Roller Sleeve Manufacturer, share it with you. The cost and installation cost of UHMWPE pipe materials are lower than those of carbon steel pipes, ceramic pipes, cast stone pipes, and bimetal pipes. They are also excellent in wear resistance, pressure resistance, and impact resistance. The pipeline production technology is mature. Many pipeline constructions are fully recognized by enterprises. The main characteristics of UHMWPE wear-resistant pipes are high wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance. However, in actual transportation, the factors affecting wear do not exist singly, but appear comprehensively. Therefore, even if it is the same material and the same material is used, the degree of wear is different due to different conveying conditions.

UHMWPE Conveyor Roller Sleeve

UHMWPE Conveyor Roller Sleeve

Note when using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe as tailings pipe. The slope of tailings pipeline should not be too steep. If the slope of the pipeline is large, the coarse-grained ore lump of tailings is not easy to be transported up and a large amount of enrichment is up and down in the pipeline. The back and forth cycle will cause the pipeline to wear quickly. Therefore, it is also necessary to avoid large ore blocks in the tailings and reduce the pipe diameter to make the tailings conveying system run smoothly. Reduce the water hammer and reduce the resistance, which can greatly extend the life of the polymer tailings pipe.

The main factors affecting the wear and tear of polyethylene pipes are as follows:

1. The characteristics of conveying materials; such as material size, shape, solid content, hardness, moisture, crushing rate and adhesion, etc.

2. The material of UHMWPE pipes: such as the molecular weight, hardness, surface finish, inner diameter, pipe layout, etc. of the polyethylene pipes.

3. Conveying conditions: including the speed, temperature and flow state of the conveying medium.

Through the above points, when you use UHMWPE pipes, choose the appropriate molecular weight and wall thickness, and correctly complete the pipeline layout, so as to extend the life of UHMWPE pipes.

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