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What is the Normal Operating Temperature Range of UHMWPE Pipe?

Pulished on Nov. 11, 2020

As a UHMWPE Pipe Manufacturers, share with you.

The main material of UHMWPE pipe is UHMWPE. The molecular formula of UHMWPE is —(—CH2-CH2—)—n—. Its relative molecular mass is very large, but the atoms are all simple A linear structure connected in a repetitive manner. Its molecular structure determines its low temperature resistance. Generally, the heat distortion temperature of domestically made UHMWPE pipes with a molecular weight of 3.5 to 5 million is about 85°C. The lack of high temperature resistance limits the scope of its application environment.

UHMWPE Dredging Pipe

UHMWPE Dredging Pipe

But the low temperature resistance of UHMWPE pipe is very good, and the impact strength reaches a high value at minus 40°C. It can still maintain good performance at extremely low temperatures, and is especially suitable for medium conveying pipes in cold areas.

The most commonly used connection method for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes are flange connection, which is widely used because of its high strength, good sealing performance, and convenient and quick construction. The following describes the process of flange connection for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes. Follow the precautions.

1. The flange has been put on the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe after leaving the factory. Before assembling the flange, the flange should be cleaned to remove oil, dust, rust and other debris, and the sealing line should be removed.

2. Straighten the two corresponding connecting pieces so that the two connected flanges are perpendicular to the pipe axis and the surfaces are parallel to each other.

3. Bolts matching the flange specifications should be used, and the installation direction should be consistent. The bolts should be tightened symmetrically. The bolts after tightening should be out of the nuts, and the fasteners should be galvanized.

4. The length of the connecting UHMWPE pipe should be accurate. When the bolts are tightened, the pipe should not produce axial tension.

5. In the same pipe, the gaskets selected for flanges with the same pressure should be the same, so as to facilitate future exchanges.

6. The texture of the gasket should be flexible, not easy to age, and the surface should not be damaged, wrinkles, scratches and other defects.

7. Do not bury the flange directly in the ground because it is easy to be corroded. If it must be buried in the ground, it must be treated with anti-corrosion.

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