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Do you know the application field of UHMWPE Pipe?

Pulished on Dec. 24, 2019

UHMWPE Pipe is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with an average molecular weight of more than 2 million, polymerized by ethylene and butadiene monomers under the action of a catalyst. The comprehensive performance of this material can work under the conditions of -269 to + 80 ℃ for a long time. It is called "amazing" engineering plastics. UHMWPE pipeline technology is gradually mature in our country, and more and more engineering uses this kind of pipeline has become a new type of thermoplastic engineering plastic with moderate price and excellent performance.

UHMWPE Slurry Pipe

UHMWPE Slurry Pipe

The development of UHMWPE is very rapid. Before the 1980s, the average annual growth rate in the world was 8.5%. After entering the 1980s, the growth rate was as high as 15% -20%. The average annual growth rate in China is over 30%. World consumption in 1978 was 12,000 to 12,500 tons. By 1990, world demand was about 50,000 tons, of which the United States accounted for 70%. From 2007 to 2009, China has gradually become the world's engineering plastics factory, and the development of the UMW polyethylene industry has been very rapid.

As a UHMWPE Pipe Manufacturers application area:

Conveying of solid particles and powders-wear-resistant, impact-resistant, self-lubricating, anti-adhesive, hygienic and non-toxic, shock-absorbing, good the sound-absorbing effect, good resistance to environmental stress cracking, light weight, etc., can be used in various industries, Such as food processing oil and fat raw materials processing, brewing raw materials, pharmaceuticals, building materials and chemicals, stone powder, raw salt and other industries of solid particles, powder wear-resistant transportation.

Slurry transportation-wear resistance, impact resistance, self-lubrication, non-scaling, good resistance to environmental stress cracking, high internal pressure strength, lightweight, etc., replacing steel pipes and expensive alloy steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, used in various industries Transportation of slurry-like solid-liquid mixtures to solve pipeline wear, corrosion and scaling problems during transportation, such as coal, mining slurry transportation, coal water slurry transportation, thermal power plant fly ash transportation, river and lake dredging, municipal sewage drainage Transportation of mud, salt making chemical slurry, etc.

Liquid transportation-use the advantages of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, self-lubrication, good environmental stress crack resistance, high compressive strength, light weight and other advantages, can be used for fluid transportation in various industries, such as: various corrosive in the chemical industry Medium transportation, petroleum industry crude oil, refined oil transportation, coastal areas (containing a large amount of halogen-containing air and seawater, which corrodes steel pipes severely) ships, port pipelines, seawater utilization, municipal water supply and drainage, etc.

Gas transportation-with excellent impact resistance, corrosion resistance, environmental stress crack resistance, fast crack resistance, good flexibility, excellent low temperature resistance, resistance to freezing damage, for mechanical vibration, ground settlement or earthquake, It can also withstand a certain degree of impact and deformation without breaking, so the pipeline has high long-term operating safety and can play an important role in the transportation of gas, natural gas, liquefied gas or other gases. Our company also has UHMWPE Slurry Pipe on sale, welcome to consult.