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What are the main advantages of UHMWPE Pipe?

Pulished on Dec. 31, 2019

Many people are always confused when asking about UHMWPE Pipe, why is it also a mining pipe, but the price of UHMWPE Pipe is much higher than the price of ordinary pipes. In this issue, UHMWPE Tube Manufacturers will tell you his advantages and we will understand.

UHMWPE Mining Pipe

UHMWPE Mining Pipe

At present, the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes we use have the highest wear resistance of plastics, which is 3-7 times that of carbon steel and stainless steel. Low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating, anti-adhesion, non-fouling, reducing material transportation energy. Impact strength ranks first among plastics. The impact of energy absorption value is higher in all plastics, and it is sound-absorbing. Good chemical stability. Excellent low-temperature resistance. Hygienic non-toxic contact with food and drugs. Can be used to transport bulk materials: applied in the food and feed processing industry; oil and wine industry; food and pharmaceutical industry; textile and chemical fiber industry; building materials industry; chemical industry; ore powder transportation and power plant ash removal. Can also be used to transport slurry: used in mining and dressing, metallurgical industry, coal water slurry engineering; power plant ash washing; sea and lake salt chemical industry; dredging, sludge engineering, fluid, gas transportation; Pharmaceutical industry; gas industry; seawater utilization; shipbuilding and petrochemical industry.

1: Extremely high abrasion resistance. The unique molecular structure of UHMW-PE products make it extremely resistant to sliding friction. The wear resistance is 6.6 times higher than that of ordinary alloy steel and 4-7 times that of steel pipe.

2: Extremely high impact resistance. The impact toughness of this product is higher in the existing engineering plastics. According to the GB1843 standard, the cantilever impact test is performed to achieve no damage.

3: Excellent chemical stability, this product can withstand the attack of strong chemicals, except for some strong acids that are slightly corroded at high temperatures, they are not corroded in other alkali and acid solutions.

4: Good self-lubricating property, because this product contains a waxy substance, and self-lubricating is very good. The coefficient of friction (196N, 2 hours) is only 0.219MN / m (GB3960), so it can not only move freely but also protect related workpieces from wear or strain.

5: Unique low-temperature resistance, this product has excellent low-temperature resistance, and its impact resistance and wear resistance are basically unchanged at minus 269 degrees Celsius. It is a kind of engineering plastic that can work at near relative zero temperature at present.

6: It is not easy to scale. Because of its small friction coefficient and non-polarity, this product has good surface non-adhesion.

7: Excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking; elastic modulus is more than 1.5 times that of PE100; fatigue strength> 500,000 times.

The above is the pipeline information that ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe manufacturers share with you in this issue. Through the above article, we can all see that using the same project for one penny and one dollar for the same project can guarantee the time of project delivery The items passed the quality inspection, eliminating the need for later maintenance and eliminating many safety risks. Welcome everyone to use UHMWPE tubing.

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