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Why Choose UHMWPE Pipe for Sand Pumping and Dredging Pipeline?

Pulished on Dec. 07, 2020

As a High Flexibility UHMWPE Pipe Manufacturers, share with you.

The main requirement of the sand pumping dredging pipe for the pipeline is wear resistance, while the main characteristic of UHMWPE pipe is wear resistance. The overall performance is very superior, such as wear resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, self-lubrication, and impact resistance. , Very suitable for use as a sand pumping and dredging pipeline.



The following introduces several characteristics suitable for dredging pipes for pumping sand:

1. Wear resistance. The molecular weight of the ultra-high tube polyethylene tube is as high as 2.5 million or more, and the friction coefficient is extremely small, which makes it have a high resistance to sliding friction. The wear resistance is 6 times higher than that of general alloy steel and 29 times that of stainless steel. It is 19 times that of phenolic resin, 7 times that of nylon 6 and 5 times that of polyethylene, greatly improving the service life of wear-resistant pipes.

2. Impact resistance. Ultra-high molecular weight pipes have the highest impact toughness value among the existing engineering plastics. Many materials will crack, break, break or surface stress fatigue in the impact of severe or repeated explosions. According to the gb1843 standard, this product is subjected to the cantilever beam impact test to achieve no damage, and can withstand strong external impact, internal overload, and pressure fluctuations.

3. Self-lubricating, because the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe contains waxy substances, and its own lubrication is very good. The friction coefficient (196n, 2.5 hours) is only 0.217mn/m (gb3960). Especially in places with harsh environment, dust and sand, the dry lubrication performance of this product is more fully displayed.

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