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How to Choose Wear-Resistant Pipelines for Tailings Transportation?

Pulished on Nov. 27, 2020

As a UHMWPE Pipe Manufacturers, share with you. Tailings pipe is the tailings slurry discharged from non-ferrous metal beneficiation and ferrous metal beneficiation, which needs to be transported to the tailings inventory. At present, the mainstream domestic transportation method is to use tailings pipe for transportation. The wear-resistant pipeline is quite worn out during the tailings transportation process. At present, wear-resistant pipes mainly used in tailings transportation include ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes, steel pipes, HDPE pipes, ceramic composite pipes, and steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipes.

UHMWPE Conveyor Roller Sleeve

UHMWPE Conveyor Roller Sleeve

1. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene wear-resistant pipe

Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with an average molecular weight greater than 2 million that is polymerized by ethylene and butadiene monomers under the action of a catalyst. According to different pipe product structures, UHMWPE pipes are divided into 3 categories: UHMWPE pipes, UHMWPE steel-plastic composite pipes, UHMWPE steel-frame composite pipes, all of which have excellent characteristics. .

2. Steel pipe

Steel pipe is one of the most commonly used pipelines, with high strength, convenient interfaces, and high internal pressure, but it has poor wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, self-lubrication and impact absorption, and requires relatively high anti-corrosion requirements for the pipeline.


The high-density polyethylene pipe has the following characteristics in tailings transportation:

(1) Strong corrosion resistance. The wear resistance is stronger than that of ordinary steel pipes, about 4 times the wear resistance of ordinary steel.

(2) No fouling, low friction resistance and low energy consumption for transportation.

(3) The weight of the pipeline is light, only about 1/5 of the weight of the ordinary steel pipe. The pipeline can be cut and welded at will, which is very convenient for disassembly, installation and maintenance.

(4) The water pressure is lower, not more than 1.6 MPa.

(5) The performance of resistance to external impact is general. When the pipe is partially blocked, metal instruments should not be used to strike the pipe by gravity.

3.Ceramic composite pipe

The ceramic composite tube is made of aluminum oxide as the main raw material, rare metal oxide as the flux, and manufactured by the self-burning high-temperature clutch synthesis method. It is composed of corundum ceramic, transition layer, and steel from the inside to the outside. The transition layer firmly combines the ceramic layer with the steel pipe. It has comprehensive properties such as wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical shock resistance and thermal shock resistance, and good weldability. It is a wear resistance, One of the corrosion-resistant pipelines.

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