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UHMWPE Pipe in the Coal Industry

Pulished on Feb. 05, 2020

For the transportation of various solid particles, powders, and slurries in industrial and mining enterprises, due to the harsh working conditions, they often encounter practical problems such as severe wear, serious scaling, and severe corrosion. Traditional pipelines are difficult to meet the requirements for use. UHMWPE Mining Pipe is a new type of pipe that is not easy to scale, high abrasion resistance, high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, and self-lubrication. It is used for pneumatic conveying of solid particles and powders, and abrasion and water resistance for slurry And the transportation of various corrosive fluids and gases has unique advantages. It is a high-performance engineering plastic pipe that can transport solid, liquid, and gaseous three-state substances. Has been widely used by industrial and mining enterprises.

UHMWPE Mining Pipe

UHMWPE Mining Pipe

1. Coal industry: (1) UHMWPE Pipe has three advantages in ventilation, drainage, and gas extraction pipes for coal mines: (1) Good impact resistance: not afraid of falling, not afraid of falling (2) The joint will not break, will not break, and has a long service life. (3) High pressure resistance, can be used for high-pressure pipelines. (2) The grouting pipe has high pressure and high wear. The use of ultra-high steel-plastic composite pipe can well solve the wear problem. (3) There are serious abrasion problems in the transportation of magnet powder, slime water and other heavy medium suspensions in the coal preparation plant. After three years of high molecular weight polyethylene pipe dismantling and inspection, the wear was slight. (4) Coal-water slurry transportation in coal-water slurry plants: Coal-water slurry is a high-viscosity solid-liquid mixture consisting of 70% pulverized coal and 30% water. It is ideal for transportation using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes.

2. Metallurgy and mining industry: Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipelines have been widely used in the mineral processing plants of domestic gold, silver, copper, iron, molybdenum, nickel and other mining enterprises. Our company's wear-resistant pipelines were used in 2002. Sanmenxia Central Plains Gold Smelter and Henan Luanchuan Molybdenum Mine Second Company are used in tailings transportation. Practice has proved that the service life can reach 4-7 times that of steel pipes. UHMWPE pipelines are particularly suitable for conveying powdered materials such as mineral powder, magnet powder, and sand. The wear resistance is currently unmatched by other materials. Non-ferrous metal ore slag-filled pipes have high pressure, high abrasion, harsh working conditions, and high requirements for pipeline material selection. Ultra-high steel plastic pipes are the ideal choice. Their cost can be 30% lower than bimetal pipes, which has excellent cost performance.

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