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Do you know the Economics and Safety of UHMWPE Pipe Application?

Pulished on Jun. 30, 2020

As a UHMWPE Pipe Manufacturers, share with you. The product characteristics of UHMWPE Pipes are well known to everyone. Let's talk about the economics and safety of UHMWPE pipes during use.

1. Economical efficiency: The comprehensive index of one-time investment cost and later operation and maintenance cost of UHMWPE pipe is low. In general, if the investment cost is high, the reliability is good, and the operation and maintenance costs are low; vice versa. In the process of use, we must strive to achieve the same strength and life of each component in the pipeline system. If you can choose a wear-resistant pipeline with low investment cost and low maintenance and replacement costs, you can achieve the purpose of high quality and low cost The pipeline is durable and economical.

2. Safety: UHMWPE pipes have excellent performance, mature products have passed the market test period, there are no or few phenomenon of occurrence, occurrence, dripping, and leakage during use, UHMWPE piping layout and piping equipment layout Full consideration will also be given to the pipeline transportation device will not cause short production cycle or frequent shutdown, reducing the probability of accidents.

The cost and installation cost of UHMWPE Pipe materials are lower than carbon steel pipes, ceramic pipes, cast stone pipes, bimetallic pipes, and have excellent wear resistance, pressure resistance, and impact resistance. The pipeline production technology is mature, and it is used in many pipeline constructions. The company has been fully recognized.

UHMWPE Slurry Pipe

UHMWPE Slurry Pipe

Matters needing attention when using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe as a tailings pipe, the slope of the tailings pipeline should not be too steep, if the slope of the pipeline is large, the tailings coarse-grained lump is not easy to be transported up, and a large amount is concentrated in the pipeline up and down The round-trip cycle will cause the pipeline to wear faster. Therefore, it is also necessary to avoid entering large ore blocks in the tailings and reduce the diameter of the pipe, so that the tailings transportation system runs smoothly. Reduce water hammer and reduce resistance, which can greatly extend the life of polymer tailings pipes.

The main factors that affect the wear of ultra-high polymer are polyethylene pipe is as follows:

1. The characteristics of the conveyed material; such as the particle size, shape, solid content, hardness, moisture, crushing rate and adhesion of the material.

2. The material of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe: such as the molecular weight of polyethylene pipe, hardness, surface finish, inner diameter, pipe layout, etc.

3. Conveying conditions: including the speed, temperature and flow status of the conveying medium.

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