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Congrats the Second Generation UHMWPE Navigation Buoy Come to the World

Pulished on Oct. 12, 2019

Shandong Buoy&Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd developed the first generation UHMWPE navigation buoy in 2005, and since 2015, we have started to develop the second generation, after 4 years hard working, the second generation UHMWPE navigation buoy has been deployed successfully this year!

The new generation of UHMWPE navigation buoy is maintenance free, collision resistant, corrosive resistant and environment friendly

The plastic navigation buoy is made by ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material with more than 2.0 million molecular weight, and it can work at the temperature ranging from -70℃ to 80℃.

New Generation UHMWPE Navigation Buoy Benefits

Environment Friendly

The float is self colored, made by environment friendly pigments imported from Switzerland, which is no pollution to the environment.

Maintenance Free

1. The plastic buoy do not need paint in 10 years;

2. The UHMWPE float and tail pipe is self lubricant, will not adhere sea growth, which can save much costs for cleaning;

3. The ballast weights are inside the tail pipe, and they have been anti-corrosion treated.

Collision Resistant

1. With great resilience, stretch resistance, the UHMWPE material is hard to tear (break elongation is 453.7%), the UHMWPE float could absorb the collision force maximally, which will be effectively helping the buoys to be spring back without deformation.

2. With light weight and small inertia, the buoy could shift quickly after collision to avoid the damages;

3. There is special steel structure supported inside the buoy, and high density polyurethane foam filled to give strong support to the floats, which well keep the high strength and good sealing of the buoy.

Longer Service Life

With higher chemical stability, corrosive resistance and good UV stability, the UHMWPE navigation buoy will keep mechanical properties without aging for decades;

The super structure is UHMWPE raw material too and its service life could be more than 20 years;

The mooring eyes and lifting eyes are specially designed, and their breaking load could reach 60 tons.



Buoying Depth

Free Board


Focal Plane Height


Net Weight




Reserve Buoyancy



Congrats the Second Generation UHMWPE Navigation Buoy Come to the World